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Khaled for U.S.Senate 2024 Election


“Simply put, there has never been a more important time to reduce our military in the Middle East and make these regions pay for their protection,

reduce domestic violence in all states, free education for American citizens students in universities, Khaled plans to sponsor legislation for emergency

laws aimed at any country that holds Americans in violation of their human rights under international law, protect our citizens detained and bring

them back home from the Middle East, South America, and overseas,” Khaled says. Freeing detained Americans abroad has become Khaled’s core

issue. But it is not one with a simple solution.


Khaled Salem Announces Candidacy for U.S. Senate in New York State

A passionate advocate of free university education along with human and religious rights for Americans at home and abroad


NEW YORK—August 4, 2020—Khaled Salem  announced that he is running for the U.S. Senate, challenging four-term incumbent

Kirsten Gillibrand in the 2024 election. Khaled, a longtime resident of Brooklyn, is a passionate advocate of human and religious rights for Americans,

both at home and abroad. His other policy positions argue for free university education and less restrictive immigration laws.


“New York State is one of the most diverse places in the country, perhaps even in the entire world,” remarked Khaled. “For this reason, it needs

representation in the Senate that can deliver legislative outcomes reflecting its unique cultural and religious needs. That is what I intend to fight

for when I represent New York as a U.S. Senator.”


Khaled proposes that there should be free education for American students in universities. In addition, he plans to sponsor legislation for emergency

laws aimed at any country that holds Americans in violation of their human rights under international law. He believes the federal government should

enact a law in which American citizens have the right to have or remove their place of birth printed on their passports to protect them from racism abroad.


In addition, Khaled envisions legislation that extends a three-month “visit visa” to first- and second-degree relatives (e.g. grandparents)who currently

lack eligibility to visit. This type of law, which is available in Canada, does not exist in the U.S., whose embassies refuse requests for visits. Further to

this immigration agenda, Khaled argues for new laws to protect American citizens from discrimination and inequality in American embassies.

“Americans would be shocked, and indeed should be quite angry at the way their own government treats fellow citizens in embassies and consulates

around the world,” Khaled added.


Finally, advocates for a legislative innovation that would permit an American citizen with special needs and Islamic religion to marry a second wife after approval from the first wife, whether inside or outside the United States of America.


Khaled will be running in regular United States Senate elections, which will be held on November 5, 2024.


The goal of Khaled is to stop or  reduce the occurrences of American Citizens being penalized, abused, or
imprisoned in these regions, as well as to provide immediate necessary assistance and rescue to any American Citizens in need.
“Simply put, The Department of State and the Embassies have failed to protect citizens abroad.
Khaled Salem US
Khaled Salem
Khaled for Congress 2022

Khaled for Congress 2022

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